Monday, February 9, 2009

Grammys 2009

The Grammys are always fun because there are tons of hits and misses. If you're follower of this blog, you'll notice that I never point out the train-wrecks because they already speak for themselves. I usually talk about best dressed or looks that could use improvements because that's "constructive criticism." However, it's hard to do that for hot messes.

Kim Kardashian in Toni Maticevski
She's someone in Hollywood I never really understood why got famous (other than having a sex tape). But I've got to hand it to you: she looks great. I love the light gray and the length is good. For once, she does not look like a slut.

Jennifer Nettles in Rachel Roy
I think this is the perfect Grammy look. I do wish the gold was silver instead. It's basically "have fun but don't go crazy." Her hair is a bit funky, but it works with everything.

Sara Bareilles in Louisa Beccaria
She could go to the prom in this getup. Although I do think this look is a bit safe, it suits her well. Why mess with perfection? I like that this pink almost looks edible.

Miley Cyrus in Herve Leger
Here's someone I'm really getting tired of and should be offended by. I'll admit that she looks good. I like the rosette and the one shoulder. Then again there's really nothing special about it because it's a black dress; it's hard to look bad in black.

Taylor Swift in Kaufman Franco
I like this black dress more than Miley Cyrus's because there are some very interesting design elements to it; it's hard to see them because it's black. I'm sure this would've been a perfect dress if it was in a dark purple or something.

Katy Perry in Basil Soda
My favorite was definitely Katy Perry. She has taken a lot of fashion risks and has gotten herself on the worst dressed list many times, yet she didn't exactly play it safe here. The silhouette is a little bit on the classic side, but the adornment and color reflect her personality. I would've liked this dress more if it was shorter.

These are some looks that had potential, but just didn't work in the end. Yes, it's the Grammys, but when these celebrities get chances to show up to these events, why can't they re-evaluate their looks before they leave?

Duffy in Alberta Ferretti
I really like the concept of this dress and the jeweled neckline is great. What I don't like is the length. Also, do something with the hair; at this angle it looks like a mullet.

Leona Lewis in Randi Rahm
I actually don't think this dress is bad, the color is just not for her. The color is too similar to her skin tone; light blue would've been better.

Kate Beckinsale in Reem Acra
Reem Acra designs a lot of very flattering gowns, but this not one of them. I mean, I like it from the bust to the knee, but that tulle on the bottom is hideous.

Keyshia Cole in Zac Posen
I'm sure I would've liked this look if the slip underneath was floortlength. The sheer part exposing the knees and thighs are a little tacky. Anyway, she worked that jewelry, but she could've done without the nosering.

Sheryl Crow in Toni Maticevski
Sheryl Crow is one of my favorite singers, and I think she looks beautiful in this color, but the shape looks a little sloppy. Those shoes are so 1990s, but I like them. LOL.

Courtesy of USWeekly Magazine

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