Thursday, February 19, 2009

If I really can't make it as a fashion designer, one of my Plan Bs is to be a stylist.

My personal doesn't exactly reflect how I would style people, but it has an influence on my design aesthetic. There's an element of grunge to all of my styles, but it's a neat kind of grunge. I like mixing a combination of traditional, modern, and futuristic styles together because right now, you just can't really go wrong. As a fashion designer, I'll have to worry about trends, but as a stylist, I can throw all of that out the window because I'm not a trendy dresser. And because I'm spending money on clothes for myself, I have a budget, so I pretty much shop at discount shops, thrift stores, or the on sale racks of commercial stores.

Pink Old Navy T-shirt $5.90
Forever 21 Knit Vest $18.99 $8.99
Route 66 Corduroys $16.99

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  1. very femininely masculine. me like.