Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I can always count on a nice gimmick from Moschino.

For Spring 2010, Rossella Jardini had a new take on print. Now I love prints, but there are a lot of bad attempts out there, which is why I'm happy to see a new rendition of this wonderful craft. Part of the gimmick comes from the unexpectedness of the placements of the prints, and that's how you do it.

For any man who doesn't feel great about his body, this cardigan will hide and accentuate what you want and don't want to show. Okay, maybe not; I just think it's funny.

These pants could've turned out looking like a Japanese costume, but everything else toned it down. However, I'm not sure I'd wear them because the print is too focused on the crotch area.

Now that's what I call a "suit." I like it because it's bold without being obnoxious. It's also a nod to the 1960s, when it was kind of the height of fashion for men. I can totally picture Bertram Cooper from "Mad Men" in this.

I could see myself in this look, except I'd lose the shoes and all those prints on the blazer. I love the color palette more than the look, which can still be a good thing.

What used to be fashion for 60+ year old women is apparently now hot for men. I think this particular jacket works because it is in a subdued color with a pop of appliqued flowers.

Those jeans are so badass and very D.I.Y.-able; it's another of those "why didn't I think of that?" situations. I can see myself now trying to xerox zippers and tears, transfer them onto cloth and sew onto jeans.

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