Saturday, August 23, 2008

TIME for a new semester.

So school starts on Monday, I am so not ready. I still question if I even had a summer because I was taking classes. Then again, it feels like it has been quite some time since I've had to do anything academic. It's not like my job requires it, and I think I'm having a little too much fun. Good thing the Olympics are over tomorrow because I can't keep staying up to watch sports when I don't even like sports. I'm quite pissed that I have to buy $500+ worth of books this semester. I'm definitely going to have my xeroxing sessions and return my books that way. To pay homage to the ending of summer, I got a new planner from Borders using the gift card my friend gave me for Christmas. There were plenty of planners at Borders, but all of them start in January 2009; I need to start in August 2008. Fortunately, I found one that did, and the best looking cover was this one. (Well, you can go to the website and tell me if I made a bad decision.)

Courtesy of Time.Mine

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