Monday, June 30, 2008

I have a very bipolar sense of style.

One minute, I look like a bum (and even got mistaken for one) and the next I look all hoity-toity. I'm neither really, but they create a sort of harmony when you mix them together.

Simple Toega Hemp Loafers

I really like this company because all their materials are organic and eco-friendly. Also, they have interesting styles that poke fun at ridiculously priced shoes. At the same time, their shoes are very cute; shoes aren't cute these days.

Alejandro Ingelmo Leather Hiking Shoes

Even on sale, they still turned out to be about $300. I think they look very cool and innovative, but I would never pay that much for shoes, unless I had that kind of money in the first place. I'll proably end up buying a cheap pair of these hiking shoes, paint it with metallic paint, and put a glaze on it to get that patent leather look. That's what a real artist would do.

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