Friday, November 14, 2008

I was able to snag a few things from the Comme des Garçons exclusive collection for H&M!

I was really looking forward to the event because finally, Comme des Garçons is somewhat affordable. I kind of knew things were going to turn out crazy, but I did not anticipate "jungle" turnout. I got off class at 9:30, and the store was going to open at 10:00, which is a very tight time slot if you ask me. The bus took forever, so by the time I got there, I had last minute hopes because I didn't see a line. That was actually the bad part because it usually indicates that something is sold out. When I finally got there, the windows all had "sold out" signs and some guy was supposedly taking backorders. I went inside the store with a sea of people trying to find pretty much anything that was left; I couldn't find anything. I had to ask one of the salespeople, and she told me everything was in the front. Fortunately, I did find a rack of shirts and a few items later. People were trading off things in line, which was kind of hilarious, except I didn't have anything good enough to trade. I ended up only getting two things because I was going to be late for work if I stayed any longer.

I found this shirt on a rack in black. It was a rather plain shirt for $50, but I figured "what did I have to lose?" I got a size 42, which to me sounds more like woman's sizing, but since it kind of fits, I'll keep it. Actually, I'm thinking about auctioning it off on eBay; I'm pretty sure most people are going to do that.

I got this t-shirt in polo form, which I have to admit, was a last minute steal. Surprisingly, this was my most coveted item in the collection, so I got what I really wanted. Sadly, I had to get out of an already long line to get this.
I saw this on a rack when I finished shopping. I like the fact that this sweater's design is very raw. I even thought about getting it, but I would've been late for work if I got back in line again. Plus, I don't really have the money to pay for dry cleaning.
This is my second most coveted piece in the collection. I totally had no chance of getting this because everyone in the store seemed to have it but me. Then again, I'm kind of glad I didn't get it because it's so basic. I can find it pretty much find it anywhere. I guess the underlying factor is that it's not Comme des Garçons.

This is another shirt I wanted for no apparent reason other than it being Comme des Garçons. Yes, that stitch line is cute, but anyone could do that. You know what, I might do just that. All I have to do is buy a plain white shirt, some thick black thread, and thicker needles. It could be a fun DIY project.

Courtesy of H&M

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