Friday, April 4, 2008

It's interesting to see how much these products say so much about the designers:

Christian Lacroix is known for his avant-garde designs. Not many people wear his designs simply because they're pretty much for editorials. But in terms of art and design, I have to tell you, he is a geniius. The way he mixes different colors and materials is his signature. Even though a lot of his designs tend to be reminiscent of 17th Century France, he is able to make them look modern. Anyway, the only Christian Lacroix item I can see myself owning is the limited edition Evian because most of his masterpieces are $1,000 minimum. Then again, Evian has a terrible taste, and I'm not willing to buy a glass bottle for 10 bucks even if it is Christian Lacroix.

I used to like Marc Jacobs's designs a lot more. After his whole self-transformation thing, his whole design concept changed. He used to design from a point of view that was very urban and grungy, which had inspired part of my own sense of style. After his metamorphosis, I feel like he is a lot less serious about his designing to the point where he had to plagiarize some guy, which got him into a lawsuit. Anyway, I need to use my store credit before it expires. I still have no idea what to get because his designs are that bad now; condoms are $1.50 each. I'm not sure what's so special about them, but it seems like anything with a Marc Jacobs on it is sellable.

I kind of feel the same way about Dolce & Gabbana as I do with Marc Jacobs, except the design hasn't gone downhill. (Anything with a D&G logo compared to something without one is twice the price.) In terms of design, D&G is very people-friendly; anyone can wear it. Their designs are sexy, but not too over-the-top (the epitome of Italian fashion). However, their prices are ridiculously expensive in relation to the same things without the D&G logo. Plus, I wouldn't want the D&G phone because I already have a Razr.

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